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  • Fromm

    We carry a large variety of Fromm dog food that is made right here in the USA. Fromm is a family owned business that makes their food from the finest ingredients to create the most nutritious and delicious foods for your four-legged family member.

    We carry their Four-Star, Gold, and Classic lines of food along with their canned foods. You can see the meat and vegetables in their canned food! So if you want to provide your pup with the best, come try out Fromm. We also carry samples so you can see how much your pup will love it.

    We also offer a buy 12 get 1 free. Ask for your Frequent Buyer Program envelope today!


    Instinct: If you are interested in feeding your dog a raw diet without the hassle, Instinct Frozen is the food for you. Simply thaw the correct portion and serve you pup knowing you are giving them the many benefits of a raw diet without all the food prep!


    Volhard Nutritional supplements are a great way to add in the vitamins and nutrients that get cooked out of kibble. Just grab a Veggie Pac and some Endurance, sprinkle over your dog’s kibble, add some water and watch your dog’s coat get shinier and fuller, their teeth get brighter, and their overall health improve.

    For those pups that have digestive issues we also carry Volhard’s Digestive Enzymes which are great for your older pups, pups that have frequent upset stomachs and those with loose stools.

    All Natural Treats and Chews

    We carry a wide variety of preservative free and all natural treats for your furry family member. We have training treats, chew sticks, soft chews, and a wide variety of toys to keep your fur baby entertained and focused.

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