• freshly groomed dog

    Full Service Grooming

    We groom all sized dogs and coat lengths. We can give your short and medium coat dogs a nice bath and brush with a nail trim, ear cleaning, and brush their teeth. Your long coated dogs are in good hands as well. Our staff will make sure they know how you want your dogs cut so that they go home looking as cute and clean as you expect.

    We offer the following walk-in services:

    • Nail Trim and/or Grind
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Eye Trim
    • Paw Trim
    • Face Trim

    Please call 701-255-1396 to schedule your bath and brush, desheds, and full grooms today!

    While you’re at the store check out our all natural pet foods and treats or schedule your dog for a workout on our underwater treadmill.

    Dogs must be leashed at all times.